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An Open Covid-19 Letter


   My heart goes out to everyone physically affected by covid-19 and to those of us who have lost loved ones to covid-19.
   My prayers go out to folks providing medical support and emergency support, thank you a trillion for your efforts.
   I wanted to take some time to connect with those of us sheltered-in-home & taking the precautions to prevent the spread.
  Because, although we are separated, this is the time to find safe ways to connect. To connect with loved ones, to connect with what inspires us, and to connect with Self. Let’s use this downtime to find ways to manifest with each other, and to realize the power we hold in our own hands. 
This shift is upending the status quo as we know it. We’ve been forced, as a society, to pump the brakes and recalibrate and reprioritize what’s important.
Now more than ever, there is opportunity for us to make monumental changes. 
And no, that doesn’t mean you’ll paint the Mona Lisa. 
Or cure cancer.
Nor should you feel pressured to.
But you can most certainly make small steps towards it.
With this downtime, I challenge you to tap into  your powers to shift your reality. 
These powers are global and given to you by God, or Jehovah, or Buddha, or whichever faith you use to connect to your inner light. 
These powers connect us all.
During this time, I invite you to focus on one of my favorite words:


Look it up. Chew on the definitions you find. Write them down somewhere. And then paraphrase what you found and rewrite it in your own words. 
Focus on this word as you carry out your day.
Be aware of your thoughts and ask yourself:
“Do I truly want this thought to manifest itself right in front of me?”
Take this down time to train your awareness. 
To curate the world you want for yourself and for your tribe.
Your subconscious mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine, and I invite you to explore that power.
Soon, there will be a massive light shed on an abundance of scientific proof that reveals the powers of the subconscious mind. This information will change the world as we know it.
But now, in this very moment, YOU are the living scientific proof that the subconscious mind is the most powerful tool on the planet.. 
What kind of proof do you want to be? 

I always meant my moniker of “Gawd” to inspire you to see the God in you. 
That’s the proof I’ve always wanted to be, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity you give me to inspire others. I genuinely genuinely enjoy this. So just know, as you see me smile through all of this, it’s because I appreciate you trusting me with this.

Even with the current crisis, I still have a lot of things going on this year that I can’t wait to share with ya’ll. Many big tings gwan. This letter isn’t the time to discuss that, but I promise to update you on everything as soon as I can.

But right now, I’m more so excited to see the world you create for yourself during this downtime, and I look forward to sharing worlds with you.

Forever yours,
Angelo Diaz

I’m truly inspired and humbled by the way the creative community has responded to the crisis. We’ve found new ways to challenge our self-expression, new boundaries to push.  I couldn’t be more prouder of us..

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